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Horses for courses...


Whether you dream of having a stallion prospect lining up in a Golden Slipper, a filly aiming to win an Oaks or simply want the enjoyment of owning a small share in a horse with friends; Blue Sky Bloodstock can cater to you're individual needs to help you achieve you're objective. What you will be guaranteed of is an enjoyable experience and a professional team around you every step of the way. 

The best part about racing horses is the horses themselves don't know what they it's not always the most expensive yearling purchases that scale the greatest heights on the racetrack. A bigger budget of course helps, getting owners into better bred and conformed candidates, but at the end of the day successful racehorses are superior athletes and we specialise in selecting "athletes first" when buying horses at the yearling sales for our clients. 

Have a look through the horses below with opportunities available and feel free to contact either Julian, Tom or Sylvia today regarding which horses/s best suit you're objectives. Our strike rate of success means there are some top quality horses in the making on this list of colts and fillies and we hope you can be a part of this success in the future.