Blue Sky Working for the Breeder at MM National Sale


Weanlings and Broodmares - 24 to 31 May 2015

The Gold Coast National Sale is fast approaching and Blue Sky Bloodstock’s Julian Blaxland will be on the grounds inspecting all commercial stock on offer for clients and breeders. This year’s catalogue is one of the finest ever breeding stock catalogues ever assembled in Australasia but with over 1300 lots, many breeders and owners will struggle to get across the whole book.  We will do the leg work for you and cover the catalogue, allowing you to have all the information in your hands prior to the first lot entering the ring. 

Julian Blaxland will not be auctioneering at this year’s Weanling or Broodmare sales, instead he’ll be working all the barns, concentrating on selection of stock for purchase As Agent for Blue Sky Bloodstock clients. We offer independent advice, based on 15 years experience gained in the industry as a Bloodstock Agent and auctioneer. 


It’s a big catalogue, full of opportunities for those that are prepared...

What We Do For You:

  • Physical evaluation and report of each lot in the catalogue
  • Pedigree Evaluation and report of each lot in the catalogue
  • Value and Price estimate of each lot in the catalogue
  • Provide reports on each lot including future matings, sibling progress and past sales results in the immeadiate family of each lot 

What You Pay For Our Services:

  • Option A:        Only 2.5% Commission Payable on Purchases As Agent
  • Option B:        One off Pre-Sale Physical and Catalogue Report - Fee $5000


Make use of Blue Sky Bloodstock Agency’s services to you’re benefit